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Whether it's one-on-one consultations, a supportive community in our group programs, or the flexibility of our monthly membership, we have a plan that suits your unique journey.

jam nutrition counseling services

JAM Nutrition is for you if...

  • You're prepared to embrace long-term lifestyle changes
  • You're tired of letting diet culture rule your thoughts, food choices, and behaviors
  • You wish you were more confident in your food choices
  • You're looking for practical nutrition tips and tricks that reach far beyond just physical health and appearance
  • You're ready to discover ways to manage your health condition(s) without sacrificing the joy of food

JAM Nutrition is NOT for you if...

  • You're seeking a quick fix through a restrictive short-term diet.
  • You prefer a basic meal plan that is not tailored to your individual needs and lifestyle
  • You're interested in eliminating major food groups, including your favorite foods
  • You're not ready to trust and commit to the process of sustainable change.

You CAN find food freedom

When you work with JAM Nutrition, you will develop a positive and empowered relationship with food, break free from restrictive dieting, and learn how to make nourishing and nutritious choices that align with your individual needs and lifestyle.

Our nutrition counseling services are tailored to you.

We don't believe in rigid diets.

You'll learn how to get back to the B.A.S.I.C.S and find a way to eat that is sustainable for you.

jam nutrition counseling services
jam nutrition meet mimi

meet your new dietitian bffs

Hi, we're Julia & Mimi -

aka JAM Nutrition

Welcome to JAM Nutrition! We're Julia and Mimi, your dynamic wellness duo!

Our story began at NYU, where we embarked on the journey to become registered dietitians. 

We both had a dream of starting our own private practice - so here we are doing it together! 

At JAM Nutrition, we're committed to empowering you with the knowledge and confidence to make nutritious, delicious, and sustainable food choices.

No more subscribing to endless diets or programs—let's get back to the B.A.S.I.C.S and discover a way of eating that aligns with your unique lifestyle for the long run.

We understand that each person's health journey is personal, so at JAM Nutrition every client receives personalized, science-backed recommendations tailored to their specific health goals and needs. We meet you where you're at, ensuring a personalized approach that fits seamlessly into your unique life.

Let's navigate the world of nutrition together, making it less complicated and more balanced, realistic and enjoyable.

jam nutrition meet mimi nutrition counseling

Is diet-culture holding you back from living your best life?

Life is too short to...

  • restrict food groups
  • feel guilty eating your favorite foods
  • let food control your social life
  • follow a rigid meal plan


We offer a variety of services, depending on what you're looking for and what you'd like to achieve together: 

The Signature JAM


What's Included?

1, 3 or 6-month package options available

  • Virtual 1:1 sessions with Julia or Mimi

  • One 60-minute initial consultation followed by weekly 30-45 minute follow ups

  • Session handouts following each session

  • Personalized Recipes

  • Grocery Shopping Guides and Product Recommendations

  • Weekly Food & Mood Review

  • Cooking videos and instruction- as requested

  • Access to JAM Nutrition's private Facebook group 

  • Ongoing Text/Email Support

  • Discounted medical-grade supplements provided through FullScript

The Monthly JAM


What's Included?

  • One 50-minute virtual nutrition session per month 

  • Monthly Recipes

  • 1 week of Food & Mood review per month 

  • 10% off additional sessions (individual and group sessions)

  • Monthly handouts following each session

  • Discounted medical-grade supplements provided through FullScript

  • Access to JAM Nutrition's private Facebook group 

The Group JAM

with Duo Dietitians, Julia and Mimi

(1 month minimum)

What's Included?

Each month we will be facilitating small group sessions for anyone who's looking for more support and accountability in achieving and maintaining their goals. 

  • 4 week group accountability courses 

  • Upcoming Groups: Back to the B.A.S.I.C.S, Wedding Wellness, Prenatal/ Fertility Nutrition

  • Duo support from Julia and Mimi

  • Group sessions include time for Q&A

  • Weekly handouts and recipes following each session

  • Access to JAM Nutrition's private Facebook group

A la Carte Services

how we can help

  • Weekly food and mood review (through our HIPAA compliant platform)

  • 60-minute initial consultation

  • 30-45 minute follow-ups

  • Personalized Recipes

  • Pantry Makeover 

  • Grocery store tour *within the Manhattan area

Corporate Wellness Services

how we can help

  • Corporate Wellness Speaking Engagements and Events

  • Brand Ambassador/Affiliate Programs

  • Freelance Nutrition Writing & Blog Posts

  • Recipe & Content Development

who we've worked with

what they think

"The presentation was so well done and perfectly in line with our staff’s interests surrounding food and nutritional habits. We received a lot of positive feedback from colleagues, with folks sharing how much they learned and how much actually surprised them about food. It was valuable information, and we can’t thank you enough for sharing your expertise with us!"

Legends PR

"Julia and Mimi, I have gotten SUCH fabulous feedback from the team on today's meeting. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and thorough presentation and making space for the clinicians to ask questions."

Manhattan Wellness

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